whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye

theres like a little mow with each step down the stairs just like
mowmowmowmowmowmowmowmow ohmygod ohmygod youre home

the thing about cats greeting you at the door, and dogs greeting you at the door, is dogs greet EVERYONE at the door. they’re not particularly happy to see you, they’re happy to see anyone.

cats on the other hand, usually don’t start greeting at the door until you have a close bond with them.

they come to see you. they’re happy you’ve come home.

my cats didn’t greet me at the door at first unless they wanted out the door to get to the grass, but after becoming close with them, I can’t hardly get through the door without stepping on them they’re so happy to see us, and, they both piratically sleep on top of us any chance they get, and I’m almost never alone in any room at any given time.

anyone who says cats aren’t affectionate or as affectionate as dogs and are therefor inferior simply prove they’re not willing to put effort into forging a relationship; they simply want the payoff without the work.